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I’ve been reading a few of these lists lately, so I thought it was time to write my own.  Inspired by blogs like Creating Chloe and Gala Darling, here are a few suggestions to cheer you up if you’re feeling a bit rubbish or in need of some inspiration…

1)     Read a fast paced adventure book while sitting in a big armchair with a cup of tea.

        2)     Make a miniature version of yourself and your friends on The Sims.

3)     Buy fresh flowers- bright pink or yellow are good, or daffodils and hot cross buns.

4)     Invite a friend over for tea and bad TV in bed.

5)     Do some cross stitch- if you don’t know how, learn.  It’s easy and calming.

6)     If you’re feeling up to it, bake.  Muffins?  Cookies?  Cupcakes?  There are loads of recipes online.

7)     Listen to the awful music you secretly love.

8)     Watch Alice in Wonderland and put on a sticky-outy skirt and any intricate Alice style jewellery you have- think charms: watches, hourglasses, rabbits, top hats

9)     Have a shower with all the beauty products you’ve got lying around.

10)                        Write a short story.  It doesn’t have to be any good.  Pretend to be a writer.  Sit at a desk, make yourself a filter coffee and daydream out of a window for inspiration.

11)                        Rearrange the furniture, decorations and posters in your bedroom.  Fresh start.

12)                        Go through your wardrobe and chuck out any clothes you never wear or that don’t fit.  Give the cast offs to charity or cut them up for craft materials.

13)                        Hold a clothes swapping party with a few friends.

14)                        Movie night with popcorn- only movies you haven’t seen yet.

15)                        Join the library.  If you’re already a member, go and get out the maximum number of books you’re allowed to.

16)                        Make a friendship bracelet for someone- you can find instructions online.

17)                        Paint your nails with sparkly nail polish.

18)                        Take a sketchbook to the park.  Sit under a tree or on a bench looking wistful and draw anything that catches your eye.

19)                        Make a mixtape for someone.  Then put it on a CD and make a label and a customised CD case to go with it.

20)                        Binge-watch an entire TV series.  Close the curtains and don’t let any natural light in.

21)                        If you have any nerdy/boyish friends, go round to their house and play video games.

22)                        Make a fort and play in it.  Make sure the fort has a flag.

23)                        Have tea in a teapot.

24)                        Go to a place you’ve never been to before and take photos.  Then edit the photos and make a collage to go on your wall.

25)                        Make some sort of inventive storage system out of items you have lying around for something you have a lot of.  Jewellery?  Stationary? Paint it so it looks pretty.